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The Haunted Asylum Story:

One night, a drunk man woke up and found himself inside a dark and lonely asylum.

Suddenly strange events began to occur at there. He needed to find keys in order to escape from that haunted place in the given time.  Experience the horror and find the way out of the building!


EOpen Doors

Developers: The HoodWinkers studio

It would help us a lot if you report bugs and provide us with your feedback.


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This game needs a lot of work, to be honest. It has the premise of a good horror game but I found it to be more goofy than anything. Some events were triggered out of sight, some NPC's only repeat actions or the sound is replayed after the event has been triggered, also some sounds are too harsh while others are too soft. As well, the intro is a bit too long in my opinion and laggy. I'm sure with some more time invested, this game could be really cool. Keep it up though!! Good luck to you guys.


really good jumpscare game, had me a good few times!!  loved the game play was just bit laggy during the beginning video, other than that loved it, love a good jumpscare!

Thank you very much for your feedback. Stay tuned for the upcoming games!



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Thank you so much for your gameplay video. We will try to improve more in the upcoming projects. Stay tuned for more!


It's an ok game. I like the intro, most games don't even have a menu screen let alone a cinematic. Another thing is how long monsters last, if they stand there for a few minutes after the scare they lose their scary factor. 

Thank you so much for your feedback. We will try to improve more in the upcoming projects. Stay tuned!


As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!


Thanks for playing.This is my first game developed with unreal engine. Stay tuned for update!


It was a fun game was scary at first but some feedback would be is 1. the characters too short 2. intro too long 3. the sound effects keep repeating while in some rooms i noticed so instead of being scarey it gets annoying and confusing  4. i found one object you can walk inside of its was a wardrobe in one of the rooms. and 5. the keys arent randomly generated so their in the same spot everytime.

 overall its a great game but no replayability because the first time you die and go to play again its not scarey anymore btw i couldnt find that third key for the life of me lol

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I'm so sorry that the game did not match your expectations. This is my very first game development project with unreal engine and I admit that there are several issues for this game. I am trying to improve my best for next projects! Stay tuned.

btw the last key is somewhere inside the locker.😉Thank u very much for playing


dont be sorry i had fun playing it. im just leaving feedback so you can improve over time. for a first project on this engine you did really good.  it did have me scared a bunch at first.



So I played your game.

The first thing that impressed me was the intro, there are not many prologues like these, but it's long and you can't skip it. I'll tell you what I find not appealing to me.

First of all, the intro as I said before. Then there are these npcs that doesn't do anything besides walking or sitting. I think keys should be placed randomly and why even you need 3 keys if there is only one lock on the door. Speaking of doors, some of them are place incorrectly, and some of the textures just don't match the environment. Then there is a story, I know you wrote that after drinking the mc end up in the asylum, but how does he know he need exactly 3 keys, my point is, I think you should leave some notes of like janitor to other workers so it doesn't come from the thin air.

Why is the asylum haunted anyways? That would also need some explanations.

Otherwise, if you work some more on the game I'm pretty sure it will come out great. Enjoyed playing it.

Thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry that this game didn’t match your expectations. This is our very first game development project so, we admit that there are many issues in this game.We want to apologize that our game did not satisfy your expectations.But we are trying our best for our next project. Stay tune for more!


Don't be sorry. For a first game you did pretty well. The game needs some explanations and thats all.


Awesome game love the environment and sounds effects.  just found 2 keys.

Hope u enjoy the game.

Thanks for your feedback 😊


Hi, I've played your game. I like the atmosphere and the beginning cutscene. First thing that stands out is the doors. In my opinion, our character is a little bit small than the doors. Otherwise I like it and I can even record a playing video :)


Thank you so much for your feedback. This is our first game project in unreal engine. Stay tuned for update!